Announcing the ABC Buildings

Allied London’s Chief Executive Michael Ingall unveiled exciting plans for The ABC Buildings at this year’s MIPIM conference. The former Astley & Byrom house will be readapted, refurbished and re-named as The ABC Buildings. The new building will focus on Film, TV, Media and Tech companies seeking a presence in Manchester city centre. This cluster of three buildings will form an integral part of the Enterprise City community at St. John’s.

Speaking at MIPIM, Michael Ingall, Allied London’s Chief Executive said:

“Diversity is at the heart of our Enterprise city brand and it’s driving a tech, media and creative agenda at St. John’s that includes a wide range of commercial uses, especially those around TV and Film making.

“The ABC Buildings once restored to their 60’s ethos and enhanced with an advanced tech infrastructure, will make powerful additions to our Enterprise City vision.” 

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