Meet the member: Beatstream

In an overly populated industry, it can be difficult to set yourself apart, especially within the music world, but Beatstream’s innovative technology and unique concept have faced the ultimate challenge and come out on top as a result.

An idea born out of a love for live music, Beatstream’s mission is to create an audio-only live music-streaming platform for artists, venues and promoters. Its global reach has allowed those in the industry to maximise the revenue they receive for each live performance by providing an opportunity for adding a ticketed audio stream to the event, without additional investment.

The individuality encouraged within the music industry is reflected in the unique nature of its business model. Beatstream Live is a ticketed streaming solution for artists, venues and music promoters to add an audio streaming element to their live events, and Beatstream Box Office, adds the live audio streaming facility to touring artists and sell-out gigs. This has created an opportunity to increase revenues and audience reach by selling extra tickets to stream live shows.

Beatstream’s digital transformation of the live music experience has created an endless opportunity for musicians, especially during a time where live gatherings of people are restricted all over the world. The Beatstream Live function has not only allowed artists to continue earning whilst music venues have been forced to shut but has also connected fans to their favourite artists.

The music tech business has also used the extraordinary circumstances to tap into the previously unattained earning potential of streaming live audio events internationally. Beatstream has hosted artist from Australia, Europe and the USA, and is looking to expand this further including upcoming streaming events from Israel and South Korea. This global feature is likely to continue to be highly sought after, even once venues reopen, so music fans can experience these live performances without paying the costs of international travel.

Speaking about recent success during the pandemic, Helen Fish, co-founder, said: “It has been a fantastic 12 months. Our strong business model has allowed us to thrive on the challenges that this year has thrown our way. We have stayed strong to our core principles, and have used our adaptability to bring together the music community digitally in a time where it is near impossible to do so.”

“Now that music venues are reopening Beatstream has started to see a rise in venues wanting to add a zero cost streaming element.

“Venues are coming to us because their experience of visual live streams over the lockdown period have been successful but costly and they can ultimately see that music is a listening experience therefore the option of a zero cost audio stream is a much more viable option.”

Matt Walsh, co-founder, said: “We want to take our idea even further, to fine-tune our international presence and increase our tech offering by making the platform more social with the ability for listeners to interact during the live event, which is why we are in the process of raising another round of investment.

“It is also great to be part of the Manchester tech community here at Enterprise City. It’s always great to have other businesses and experts around for advice and support and having access to such a beautiful workplace at Exchange is amazing too.”

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