Meet the Member: Future Artists Entertainment

Meet the Enterprise City member making Manchester a hub for film production

When people think of film production, minds tend to leap straight to the year-round sunshine of Hollywood and the famous studios in London. Despite a history steeped in culture and arts, Manchester is not typically associated with the glitz and glam of the film industry.

However, Enterprise City member, Future Artists Entertainment, based on the third floor of the ABC Building with plans to expand into Manchester Studios, is crewing up to make Manchester its second home and a hub for film production in the UK. Currently shooting its first fully Manchester-based production, Breaking Point, a Sky breakdancing movie, the company is trailblazing filmmaking in the country as it works towards completing 10 films in three years by the end of 2022.

The company is the producer behind acclaimed true story film, Save the Cinema, and Michael Sheen’s Sky Christmas movie, The Last Train to Christmas, as well as currently having a Russell Crowe film in post-production.

Future Artists Entertainment is a relatively new production company with its head office in Soho, London and a view of establishing Manchester as its production home. In two years, it has made more films than any other producer in the country, including four films for Sky with three more in post-production. As well as Sky, Future Artists Entertainment is working with Netflix and Amazon over the next 18 months.

Matt Williams, CEO at Future Artists Entertainment, said: “I’m a typical London creative who doesn’t really like leaving London, but it is undeniable that Manchester is charging ahead as a creative hub and there is good reason for that. Enterprise City itself is cleverly designed that attracts a good balance of creativity and infrastructure, which makes it very media-friendly. Manchester crews are great and work across the wider northern corridor from Leeds to Liverpool. The city is vibrant, up-and-coming and full of fresh talent, which is why we chose to open satellite offices here.”

To support the high volume of quality films being produced in Manchester, the company will be expanding its permanent PAYE staff in the city, and working with a wide range of contractors. Future Artists Entertainment is growing to become a major media employer in the area.

As well as its management office space at the ABC Buildings, Future Artists Entertainment has facilities in Castlefield. The triangle of Quay Street, Manchester Studios and Castlefield are ideal for running a film production company as a result of the infrastructure, outstanding production studios and the bustling nature of Spinningfields.

In addition to building talented film crews to continue cementing Manchester as a production hub, it will be bringing some major names to the city. In August, Amazon movie, How To Date Billy Walsh, will be shooting featuring major teen talent, Tanner Buchanan, star of He’s All That and Cobra Kai, and iconic British actor, Nick Frost. With talent frequently being flown in from the US, a city-centre base is incredibly beneficial due to the abundance of good hotels and transport links.

Matt continued: “There is still a level of snobbery within the film industry when compared to TV which tends to be more rough and ready. However, the spaces we use in Enterprise City are well presented, so we’re always comfortable bringing clients in and we love that Soho House will be opening down the road. The finance district is a stone’s throw away and there are cool areas such as the rooftop dome. It’s a service-friendly place to have a home and has the boutiqueness expected by the film industry while being reasonably priced at the same time.”

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