Meet the Member: Intellithing

Meet Intellithing the smart tech revolutionising health and fitness

Founded in 2017 by student Saeid Jamali, Intellithing is using data to improve health and fitness by monitoring human behaviours and habits. Fascinated by big data analytics, IoT, and artificial intelligence, Intellithing was born to help people improve their lifestyles through smarter health and fitness decisions.

Intellithing works on a new concept called Data Refinery Engine that combines the AI ‘Viki’ with data produced by wearables and various other sources to aid the understanding of human activity patterns. With this data Viki can provide advice on how to make data-driven health and fitness decisions for the purpose of achieving personal goals in the most effective way.

These technologies have been transforming industries for a few years, largely because big corporations have the budget to use them to enhance their entities. However, until now, individuals did not have access to similar technologies. Large businesses have been able to collect data for their benefit however not much has been given back to the people that provided the data. With this in mind, Saeid sought to develop a user-friendly environment where individuals can find the answers to their questions through analysing their own machine-generated data.

The speed of Intellithing’s development is rather impressive as although the initial seed idea was formed in 2017, the company went on to develop the product in less than a year. This quick coding process has been alongside the MMU Science and Engineering department with Intellithing being a proud partner of the department. Saeid has gone from a student at the university to a partner in just five years!

There is evidently great promise for the capabilities of Intellithing which will only be further enhanced by joining Exchange’s third cohort of growing start-ups.

Saeid Jamali, founder of Intellithing said: ‘Joining Exchange is the next step in Intellithing’s development. Whilst I have been lucky enough to be joined by a great team of developers helping me to establish the engine, I want to be surrounded by other entrepreneurs also in the early stages of their businesses. The start-ups of Exchange all share the same mentality: to succeed. Establishing a community of like-minded people will undoubtedly encourage growth, and we have previous members that are a testament to this. Also, not to mention coding work is a notoriously independent profession, it will be great to bring a social aspect to our job that is widely available at Bonded Warehouse”.

Watch this space as Intellithing will continue to grow as they continue their funding efforts in both the UK and US whilst moving on to the highly anticipated beta version of Viki, all with the support of the Exchange scheme.