Meet the member: Yoomiapp

Enterprise City’s Exchange programme is in its first year of offering workshops, training, industry connections and office space to innovative tech start-ups in the North West. There are 23 fledgling companies in the scheme’s first cohort on six to twelve-month programmes to kickstart their business ventures.

We spoke to the team behind Yoomiapp, a single workplace app aiming to change the way businesses measure performance by monitoring and promoting positive employee wellbeing alongside employee engagement and performance tracking.

Prue Armstrong and Claire Owen, who have a combined 40 years’ experience in international consulting and corporate HR founded Yoomiapp to give employers a rounded insight into their employees that goes beyond their performance. The cloud-based app tracks employee engagement and wellbeing through a series of specifically crafted questions to nurture more meaningful relations between manager and employees, with the belief that this future focused performance management will help overall business success.

Co-founder Prue Armstrong said: “Being selected as part of Exchange’s first cohort was such a great achievement for us. We’ve since started to gain momentum with winning new business and getting paying clients.”

Exchange has given the Yoomiapp team access to business and investment pitch training and a collection of likeminded start ups to connect and grow with.

Prue continued: “The connections and network Exchange has given us are priceless. Not only have we met investors, but we have spent time and shared ideas with other entrepreneurs who make up a really supportive community.”

Yoomiapp and the other start-ups are based in Bonded Warehouse in Manchester city centre, which offers a wide range of facilities including customisable desk spaces, studios and breakout meeting rooms.

Talking about the future of Yoomiapp, Claire Owen said: “At the moment we’re actively seeking investment as we want to develop the Yoomiapp to include AI and machine learning. This is to give employees using Yoomiapp a more robust and fulfilling experience.

“For the rest of 2020 and into next year, we will be working with key research teams and leaders in the neuroscience space to ensure we have the most up to date leading edge data to support the app, to make it even more data lead and cutting edge.

Prue added: “The organisations we have worked with so far have said that Yoomiapp is easy to use and allows them to get to know their employees in a much more meaningful way than traditional performance measurement.

“As the coronavirus pandemic continues to force more people to work remotely, Yoomiapp is a useful tool for keeping employees engaged with their workplace and letting employers know if their employees are struggling at all in a visual and productive way. With the support of Exchange, we can continue to promote positive employee wellbeing, which we think is more vital now than ever.”

To find out more about Yoomiapp or book a demo for your organisation visit the website, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.