Meet the members: Circl

Live sports betting is a huge industry in the UK, with £1.8bn made last year, but it does not come without its problems. Noticing a lack of platforms encouraging social inclusion over addictive exclusion, sports-fans and tech-enthusiasts, Will Hawkins, Mark Quinn and Eddie Ross have created Circl, a new age social sports betting platform.


Circl is a socially inclusive betting platform for people to use with their friends. At the core of the concept is a unique and innovative game-type which allows users to compete against friends during live sports events to win money.

The company is one of the fledgling tech start-ups on Enterprise City’s Exchange programme. The programme gives ambitious new businesses access to the facilities at Bonded Warehouse, mentoring from industry experts, and a network of like-minded entrepreneurs.

Will Hawkins, CEO of Circl, said: “It’s still early days for us with Exchange, but we are so excited to use the amenities at Bonded Warehouse, which are perfect for supporting new tech businesses. I’m also looking forward to properly getting to know the rest of the founders on the programme as I believe that learning from the successes and challenges of others is crucial for development, both personally and for the business.”

Last year, Circl successfully fundraised so the entrepreneurs can now focus on the platform’s soft launch in Q2 2021. Following this, Will, Mark and Eddie plan to scale their platform to bring new game-types and sports to the market. Other milestones the trio are expecting to reach this year include a £500,000 seed raise and hiring the company’s first VP.

Circl CTO, Mark Quinn, said: “We have recently filled up our private allocation and been accepted onto Exchange, so things are looking great for the business. Our acceptance onto Exchange could not have come at a better time and I am sure that the office space and networks will be invaluable to a start-up like us.”

To find out more about Circl, visit the website, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.