Financial wellness platform joins Exchange’s growing roster

Motivated by a chronic lack of financial education around them, sisters Laura and Holly have set out on a mission to help people become financially well via Financielle, a website and soon-to-be app designed to support big money goals and aspirations.

Financielle’s team of six, three of whom will be based in Department Bonded Warehouse, will be spending the next six months launching their app, piloting a B2B strategy, focusing on social growth and forming partnerships to become a top financial wellness product in the UK.

Currently, Financielle supports personal finance through a digital, step by step guide, The Financielle Playbook. The strategy was developed to help normal people take control of their money, feel financially well and build a dream life.

There are currently 100 people on the waiting list for the app and over the next five years, the team hopes to grow this to a global audience of at least one million app users.

Holly Holland, co-founder of Financielle, said: “We have big plans for Financielle, and the Exchange programme at Enterprise City is the perfect place to put the work in to bring them to fruition. We are excited to network with other inspiring start-ups and expert mentors and to take advantage of the facilities at Department Bonded Warehouse.”

Financielle’s app will be launching around late July to early August, with the B2B pilot starting in September. The team is also looking to grow its numbers as the business expands, so there are exciting hiring plans on the horizon.

The fintech firm is a member of the latest cohort of Exchange businesses. The support scheme gives ambitious tech start-ups access to the tools, network and funding that they need to grow and scale successfully.

To find out more about Financielle, visit the website, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn.