Meet the Member: Koolstof

Meet the Exchange start-up amplifying ethical brands through creative content

Video marketing and AdTech business, Koolstof, creates fresh, fearless and immersive video content that elevates brands, and is kind to the planet. Between us, we witnessed a distressing amount of wasteful and thoughtless practices in content production. This could range from huge printing, food, electronics, and plastic waste through to unnecessary and polluting travel and use of buildings to a general lack of care and awareness for the Climate Emergency. This led Koolstof’s directors to come together to create the same sensational content, but in a much more creative and ethical way.

The Koolstof method has won awards for best practice in sustainability, including the Observer’s Ethical Business Award, with all work created with conscious care for the climate across all working practices. Clients include sustainable sportswear business, Presca. All productions come with a carbon impact report, all emissions are offset as standard practice and the team aims to be B-Corp certified within two years of operating.

In the last six months, Koolstof has seen a 120% increase in profits while carbon emissions per minute of output remain flat. Now, having been accepted onto the Exchange tech start-up support scheme, the team have ambitions to support the three currently unsalaried directors full time as well as basic functional staff.

Koolstof’s , Nick Wood, said: “We are excited to be taking on work for a broadening range of clients and to grow our network to sustain this with the support and opportunities afforded by the Exchange scheme. We hope to forge meaningful relationships with our fellow entrepreneurs in Department Bonded Warehouse and to be a part of Greater Manchester’s transition to a low carbon economy.”

Koolstof’s directors all have close ties with advertisers, marketers and the broadcast radio and television production sectors and the business is part of the Greater Manchester Arts Sustainability Team (GMAST).

Dan Jackson, Director of Koolstof said: “Everything we do it centred around ethical living. We only work with companies that share our sustainable ethos as we want to amplify these brands as we transition to a kinder, more conscious society that values fairness, creativity and collaboration.”

Koolstof’s content is created in a way that reduces the harmful production impacts through filming and editing while keeping climate-positive messaging front and centre of our creative output, in line with our clients’ values. Once everything possible has been done to keep impact to a bare minimum, any remaining carbon emissions are offset.

Simon Brooks, Director of Koolstof, continued: “We appreciate that offsetting isn’t the total answer to any unavoidable emissions, so we commit to delivering content that showcases ethical brands at their very best.”

The team is excited to have a base at Department Bonded Warehouse as they have been remote since the business’s inception during the pandemic. Not only will this aid creativity but will also be fundamental to the business’s sustainability as the building has been designed in an ethical fashion, repurposing old buildings to fit modern industry without the need to tear the existing structure down and build from the bottom.

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