Meet the member: PharmAppy

Meet PharmAppy, the company using technology to make it easier for us to access pharmacy services and improve our experience with pharmacies.

Influenced by his grandparents’ struggles with their pharmacies and his father, who worked in pharmacy for over 25 years, always discussed how pharmacy as an industry falls behind in terms of technology. Rhys Lloyd started PharmAppy with co-founder Josh Ablett, who heads up the company’s technical development.

We sat down with Rhys to get his perspective on the business and its mission.

Rhys said: “Ultimately, our goal is to create seamless products that make people’s lives easier, not only the lives of patients but pharmacy staff too. Unlike most industries nowadays, technology in healthcare is antiquated and inefficient. Considering how reliant we are on our local pharmacy and other healthcare providers; such vital services shouldn’t be lagging behind, and we’re on a mission to change this.”

The future of pharmacy starts here. To date, the founders have designed and developed the PharmAppy patient app. This enables you to easily order, track and manage your and your family’s prescriptions. As well as book pharmacy services, direct message your pharmacist, securely record your vaccinations and much more.

This links directly to the PharmAppy pharmacy management platform. Pharmacies can efficiently manage their workflow and their patients, promote their pharmacy, and free up time to provide more services, all in one place. These were tested and iterated in two pharmacies in the UK, with over 500 patients, and the team have been working hard to build out the product for it to be scalable across the country. However, as exciting as that is, pharmacy is about to get a whole lot more efficient with what PharmAppy have coming in 2023, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled.

When looking at what the team have built, the benefits are clear. Using the app, patients can manage their and their family’s ‘health’ in one place. It means easy access to the services their pharmacy offers and having important data securely stored. Saving them time by skipping the queues.

Whilst for the pharmacy itself, it can reduce the number of unnecessary patient queries and visits, improve patient satisfaction, and enable them to stay better connected to their patients. It also provides them with commercial benefits. Dispensing at a loss has been a major issue for pharmacies, and by using the PharmAppy platform, pharmacies can be creative in the way they generate revenue, through providing more services and upsells.

For now, the business is committed to its Manchester base. The team joined the Exchange programme in September, giving them access to the base and community of Department Bonded Warehouse.

Rhys commented: “Joining an accelerator programme is a no-brainer for any startup. We’re thriving off the Exchange community and are immersing ourselves in all the opportunities offered to us. This includes the frequent events, partner network, and most importantly, the social aspect with other tech founders. We’re reaping the benefits so far and are excited for the remainder of the programme.”

“We are currently in the process of finalising a strategic investment, which is going to help propel us to the next level. It’ll enable us to further develop our product offering, advance key integrations and scale throughout the UK.”

PharmAppy’s mission is clear, and transparent. From their grandparents to the world, Rhys, Josh, and the team have a people-first approach. They strive to improve patient access to pharmacy for everyone and make a pharmacy’s internal processes more streamlined.

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