Meet the member: SoSquared

‘My network is my net worth’

Since starting up during the pandemic, SoSquared has quickly become a well-respected brand within Manchester’s thriving tech industry.

When meeting with Sam Royle, the co-founder and CEO, his passion for the business is indisputable. With a background in the private market investment industry, he made the decision to enter the start up space and develop his own traditional influencer marketing agency. However, it quickly became apparent that there was a complete lack of structure, traditional corporate procedures, and integrity within the space, especially within the UK, leaving him questioning how his business would ever be truly scalable.

This led to the creation of SoSquared, the digital influencer marketing platform. Sam, alongside his co-founder Greg Donnelly, set out to streamline the influencer marketing and user-generated content process for both brands and creators alike, by pivoting the agency into a digital infrastructure for both parties.

The platform allows brands to find the perfect creator, manage their campaign all in one place, directly message creators, gain campaign analytics on both an individual and collective level, and have access to transparent creator insights. Whilst creators can connect with brands perfectly matched to their profile and directly message them to avoid missing out on great opportunities. Cutting down the admin and hassle for both parties.

The platform launched to the public in April 2022 after closing its first fund raising round led by angel investors. It is available to businesses ranging from SMEs to large enterprises. So, whether it’s the business’s first dip into influencer marketing and user-generated content or it frequently takes part in campaigns, it’s accessible for all. On the creator side, it is completely free to join, with the platform’s revenue coming from the brands themselves. Nothing is deducted from the influencer’s personal fee.

In Sam’s own words: “Creators should feel empowered by SoSquared to accelerate their careers, expand their portfolios, build strong relationships, and control their finances. We want creators to get the most out of the opportunities available to them. Brands can enjoy easy access to some of the best talent on the market all-in-one space and receive reputable analysis and campaign management.”

Sam is a real champion of developing his network, with him crediting his time on the Exchange programme as a catalyst for growth. Before joining the scheme in September, he was already a Department hot desk member at Department Bonded Warehouse. He used this as an opportunity to meet like-minded entrepreneurs, even before he was an Exchange cohort member. This truly sums up his nature, and he is very open about the fact that like any good start-up founder, he understands what he is good at and where he needs to improve.

Since being on the scheme SoSquared have built a real presence within it, with Sam himself being on the board of multiple other Exchange businesses, a role he is proud of and eager to continue as he expands his network.

The business itself has also achieved some incredible accomplishments at such an early stage including a partnership with Meta, an exclusive agreement with TikTok to deliver short form video content for TikTok shop, becoming the second biggest influencer marketing platform according to TikTok, being shortlisted for a Tech Trailblazer award, and most recently being announced as one of Tech Nation’s North West rising stars.

The momentum this business has is clear and with a funding round ongoing, the continued work internally to develop the product, and Sam’s continued goal to raise his profile within the tech and marketing industry, we can’t wait to see what happens next.

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