Meet the Member: Versori

“We had our ‘Einstein moment’ on the Exchange programme”

Meet Versori the critical infrastructure for all businesses


We recently spoke to Sean Brown, CEO of Versori and an experienced start-up leader, about his latest mission to provide critical infrastructure for businesses across all sectors through any-to-any system integration. Of course, we also quizzed Sean on his experiences of the Exchange scheme and being part of our start-up community too.

What is any-to-any integration?

Put simply, it is the linking of different IT systems. Any-to-any integration is the ability to consolidate business systems across an organisation to fulfil newer requirements. It involves converting source data to the same format as target data, and the integration of structured, unstructured, and standardised files and information.

What is the team currently working on?

We’re currently focusing on the launch and development of Switchboard, Versori group’s first product that allows businesses to automate any and every system within business operations. The no-code automation means businesses can customise workflow with ease by selecting the connection, trigger, and event all in one place. Businesses can navigate the any-to-any system integration without the need to develop individual systems for each process.

What’s the current size of the team?

We currently have a team of seven people and they pride themselves on being inventors. They are proud to make their own new technology that is independent and unique. Lots of start-ups label themselves as ‘the uber of X’ or ‘the google of X’ industry, but we would rather serve as an individual concept in our own right.

What stage are you at with the product?

This model is proving effective as Switchboard is currently in its alpha launch stage and will commercially launch in the next six months when the team will begin working through the long waiting list of potential clients.

How has being part of the Exchange community helped?

We joined Exchange earlier in the year as part of the third cohort, and since then we have hired and expanded, making Department Bonded Warehouse our home. We also had our ‘Einstein moment’ in our technology development process recently as a new system worked successfully for the first time and Switchboard began working with its first businesses.

Why did you start Versori?

Having worked within the start-up space for a few years, I wanted to switch focus and build a company that could be of use for all types of businesses. Versori will do just that and is going to create multiple products that will speed up the day-to-day operations of any business.

For example, we have recently been able to work with an airport to automate the recording of the plane landing process. This is the beauty of any-to-any integration as we can truly make Switchboard work for any organisation from an e-commerce business to an airport. I can’t wait to see what other applications we can achieve.

Why did you join Exchange?

I started looking for an incubator programme once our team grew as I knew we could all benefit from the support offered by a scale-up programme – its community and great workspace are a bonus. Exchange has done just that. For my team it has really been the non-tangible benefits that have been the best for us. Different members of the team have been able to take place in workshops depending on their role and I have been able to collaborate with other start-up entrepreneurs. I also took part in the recent pitching showcase which gave me the chance to present our pitch deck with the group and tech community and get some great feedback on how we can refine what we do.

Versori has recently secured a £1.5 million seed funding round as it embarks on its alpha launch. We look forward to seeing how this energetic startup continues to grow Switchboard and its pipeline of products.

To find out more about Versori and Switchboard visit:, and to apply for a place on the Exchange scale-up support scheme visit: