PixelMax Credersi partnership

PixelMax partners with Credersi to create a tech education metaverse

Exchange alumni PixelMax has partnered with Credersi Recruitment to create a virtual science and tech campus; Credersi World.

Tech and science educators, Credersi, and 3D tech innovators, PixelMax, are at the forefront of developing and shaping the education metaverse. The pair of businesses have been working on creating the immersive platform for 12 months, predating Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement of his virtual world.

The concept for Credersi World was to create a virtual science and tech campus that can train and reskill the workforces of the future in an immersive way. The idea initially developed after the two tech companies saw the effect the pandemic was having on people’s employment and education. Employers were finding skills gaps like never before, future technologies such as artificial intelligence were rapidly advancing, and students were struggling to stay engaged with remote learning.

Credersi CEO, Andy Lord, said: “The reality is that technology is now driving businesses forward at such a rapid pace that there is simply not enough skilled workforce available to fulfil those roles, which is why we have such a massive skills shortage and demand is outstripping supply. As companies try to keep up with the rapid pace of technology as it evolves, they have realised that a large percentage of their workforce are simply not fit for purpose. That now means companies have to identify the talent from within their workforces and organisations and create the opportunity to educate and train them and reskill them for a career of the future.”

Credersi World offers a platform for employers who want their workforces reskilled for careers of the future as well as students. The campus is complete with shops, cinemas, art galleries, wellbeing rooms and food and coffee shops created using mixed reality technologies. Delegates enter the concourse, much like a real university, and can explore different learning pods relevant to their subjects.

The lecture boulevard has rooms that users can wander into to listen to visiting academics and entrepreneurs giving masterclasses, and bio-scientists will be able to conduct live experiments in VR and AR laboratories. Coders and cyber security students can stimulate ethical hacking and defence exercises on real-life infrastructures.

In addition, there is a careers area, where tech, pharmaceutical and bioscience companies can have a presence at the virtual university. An in-platform careers fair allows the visiting businesses to recruit from the digital world.

Since finishing its time with the Exchange scheme, PixelMax has gone onto great things and shown itself to be a leading innovator in the creation of 3D world technology.

As a result of the pandemic, PixelMax had to change its business model, pivoting from using computer gaming technology to improve the way life sciences are taught in universities into developing spaces for virtual events to take place during lockdown in a much more exciting and dynamic way than Teams or Zoom could offer. Starting with creating the virtual replica of Department Bonded Warehouse in Enterprise City, the team has gone on to offer fully immersive, engaging and flexible virtual event spaces.

PixelMax co-founder and tech disruptor, Shay O’Carroll, commented: “The 3D worlds we create and the solutions we offer our clients are vast. The pandemic has changed the way businesses operate and it has become clear that virtual worlds add a huge amount of value. The PixelMax technology allows our customers to deliver something truly unique. Our mission has always been to create a place where people can effectively communicate and collaborate in real-time.”

Within just three months of seed investment from one of Exchange’s partners, Solid Bond Venture Builder, PixelMax secured a multi-million-pound offer of investment to accelerate their growth.

A true success story of Exchange.